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Page history last edited by Sandra Scandar 16 hours, 24 minutes ago
Date   Description  Blank notes  Filled in notes  Worksheets  Worksheet answers 
May 16  Continue mole and stoi worksheet      Mole and Stoichiometry Worksheet.pdf   mole and stoich worksheet answers.pdf  
May 13   Finish stoi ws and start mole/stoi ws.     Mole and Stoichiometry Worksheet.pdf
mole and stoich worksheet answers.pdf  
May 12  Do stoi ws      Stoichiometry worksheet.pdf   stoichiometry worksheet answers.pdf  
May 9 +10 Wrote quiz and started stoichiometry  stoichiometry notes.pdf Stoichiometry class problems.pdf   stoichiometry class problems answers.pdf      
Thursday May 5 and 6 Did moles worksheet and quiz Monday.     Mole worksheet.pdf Mole worksheet 2.pdf mole worksheet answers.pdf mole worksheet 2 answers.pdf
May 3  Finished moles notes         
May 2 Started Moles notes moles notes student version.pdf Mole class problems.pdf moles notes website.pdf mole class problems answers.pdf    
April 29  Wrote test         
April 26  Wrote quiz and started review. Test Friday      heat, energy and work test review 2020.pdf   heat, energy and work test review answers 2020.pdf  
April 25 Do work worksheet. Quiz Tuesday and test Friday     work worksheet 2019.pdf work worksheet 2019 answers.pdf
April 22  Did effective force worksheet and did work notes. Quiz on Tuesday and test Friday next week  Work notes 2019.pdf   Work notes 2019 website.pdf   effective force worksheet.pdf   effective force worksheet answers.pdf  
April 21  Start effective force  Effective force class notes.pdf   Effective force class notes website.pdf      
April 19 Did kinetic energy lab Potential Energy Lab 2020.pdf      
April 12  Wrote quiz and did Trig notes  Trigonometry notes 2018.pdf
trig notes website.pdf   trig worksheet.pdf   trig worksheet answers.pdf  
April 11  Review for quiz tomorrow      Specific Heat and energy practice quiz questions 2018.pdf   specific heat and energy practice quiz answers.pdf  
April 8  Worksheets and quiz on Tuesday for specific heat and energy notes      Kinetic, potential and mechanical worksheet.pdf   Roller Coaster Energy.pdf   Kinetic, potential and mechanical worksheet answers.pdf   roller coaster answers.pdf  
April 7  Finished kinetic energy notes.   Kinetic potential and mechanical class notes.pdf   kinetic, potential and mechanical energy notes website.pdf      
April 5  Did gravitational force and started kinetic energy  Gravitational Force notes.pdf  Kinetic potential and mechanical class notes.pdf
gravitational force notes website.pdf kinetic, potential and mechanical energy notes website.pdf      
April 4  Finished specific heat notes       Specific Heat Worksheet.pdf   specific heat worksheet answers.pdf  
March 31  Did SF and specific heat notes.   addition rule sf notes 2019.pdf    Specific Heat notes.pdf   addition rule sf notes 2019 website.pdf   specific heat notes website.pdf    
March 28  Did circuit lab. Quest tomorrow  circuit Lab enriched 2019.pdf        
March 25  Circuit worksheet 2. Lab Monday and quest Tuesday      enriched circuit worksheet 2 2019.pdf   enriched circuit worksheet 2 2019 answers.pdf  
March 24 Circuit worksheet 1. Quest Tuesday     enriched Circuit Worksheet 1 2019.pdf enriched Circuit Worksheet 1 2019 answers.pdf
March 22  Did circuit enriched circuit notes  Circuit enriched notes student version 2019.pdf   circuit enriched notes website.pdf      
March 18  Did review and pretest. Test Monday Remember to bring enriched book Monday.     Electricity PreTest.pdf   Electricity PreTest answers.pdf  
March 17  Did lab and started review . Test Monday     formula and circuit test review 2020.pdf   formula and circuit test review 2020 answers.pdf  
March 15  Did resistance and conductance. Test next Monday Resistance notes student version.pdf   resistance notes website.pdf   resistance and conductance worksheet.pdf   resistance and conductance worksheet answers.pdf  
March 11  Wrote quizzes and did circuit notes part 2         
March 10  Taught how to build circuits. Formula and circuit quiz Friday  Circuit Notes Part 2.pdf   circuit notes part 2 website.pdf      
March 8  Reviewed circuit and formula notes Quiz on both Friday.      Formula and Multiple formulas worksheet.pdf  Formula and Multiple Formula Review.pdf circuit worksheet.pdf circuit worksheet 2.pdf  Circuit Review.pdf Formula and Multiple formulas worksheet answers.pdf Formula and Multiple Formula Review answers.pdf  circuit worksheets answers.pdf   circuit worksheet 2 answers.pdf  Circuit Review answers.pdf
Feb 25 Finished circuit notes circuit notes student version.pdf circuit notes website.pdf    
Feb 24  Did multiple formulas and started circuit notes  multiple formula notes student version.pdf  circuit notes student version.pdf Multiple formula notes website.pdf  circuit notes website.pdf Multiple Formula Worksheet 2019.pdf   Multiple Formula Worksheet 2019 answers.pdf  
Feb 22 Finished formulas formula notes student version 2019.pdf  formula notes website 2019.pdf formula worksheet 2019.pdf formula worksheet 2019 answers.pdf
Feb 21  Wrote quest and started formulas        
Feb 18  Finished review and started regular formulas  formula notes student version 2019.pdf   formula notes website 2019.pdf      
Feb 17 Finished magnetism notes and started review. Quest Monday. Magnetism Notes enriched student version.pdf magnetism notes enriched website.pdf solonoid worksheet.pdf electromagnet worksheet.pdf  mag and stat enriched quest review 2020.pdf solenoid worksheet answers.pdf electromagnet worksheet answers.pdf  mag and stat enriched quest review answers 2020.pdf
Feb 15  Do coulomb's law worksheet and ferromagnet ws.      Coulomb worksheet.pdf  Ferromagnetic worksheet.pdf Coulomb worksheet answers.pdf ferromagnetic worksheet answers.pdf  
Feb 14  Did Coulomb's law notes and started magnetism notes  Coulomb law notes.pdf   Magnetism Notes enriched student version.pdf   coulomb's law notes website.pdf   magnetism notes enriched website.pdf    
Feb 11  Wrote quiz and did significant figures  Significant Figures Enriched Notes.pdf   sig figs notes website.pdf   Significant Figures Worksheet.pdf   Significant Figures worksheet answers.pdf  
Feb 8  Did review and practice quiz. Quest on Friday.      Static Electricity quiz.pdf  magnetism and static review 2020.pdf  magnetism and static review answers 2020.pdf  static electricity prequiz answers.pdf
Feb 4  Did static electricity notes  Static Electricity Notes student version.pdf  Static Electricity Class Practice 2018.pdf Static Electricity Class Practice 2018 website.pdf  static electricity regular notes website.pdf magnetism quiz.pdf  Static electricity Worksheet.pdf magnetism quiz answers.pdf  static electricity worksheet answers.pdf
Feb 3  Wrote test and finished magnetism  Magnetism Notes student version.pdf   magnetism notes website.pdf   magnetic field worksheet.pdf   magnetism field worksheet answers.pdf  
Feb 2  Finished magnetism. Greenhouse lab due Wednesday  Magnetism Notes student version.pdf   magnetism notes website.pdf   magnetic field worksheet.pdf   magnetism field worksheet answers.pdf  
Feb 1  Started magnetism. Test Thursday  Magnetism Notes student version.pdf   magnetism notes website.pdf      
Jan 31  Finished energy notes and started review. Test Thursday  Energy type notes student version.pdf   Enetgy type notes website.pdf   Cycles, hydrosphere and energy types test review 2019.pdf   Cycles, hydrosphere and energy types test review 2019 answers.pdf  
Jan 28  Wrote quiz and started energy types  Energy type notes student version.pdf   Enetgy type notes website.pdf      
Jan 27  Worked on greenhouse virtual lab  Greenhouse virtual lab.pdf        
Jan 25  Finished hydro notes. Quiz Friday  hydrosphere student version 2018.pdf   hydrosphere notes website.pdf   hydrosphere worksheet 2019.pdf   hydrosphere worksheet 2019 answers.pdf
Jan  21  Finished carbon cycle notes  Carbon cycle and gw Notes students.pdf   carbon cycle and gw notes website.pdf   Carbon and gw worksheet 2019.pdf   Carbon and gw worksheet 2019 answers.pdf  
Dec 13 Did review package     genetic pretest 2019.pdf genetic pretest 2019 answers.pdf
Dec 11  reviewed all genetics  Protein Synthesis and Heredity Review.docx   Protein synthes and heredity review on-line website.pdf      
Dec 17  Pipe cleaner babies lab         
Dec 16  Finished heredity notes. Test next Thursday  Heredity notes student version.pdf
heredity notes 2020 website.pdf   Heredity worksheet 2019.pdf   Heredity worksheet answers 2019.pdf  
Dec 9  Started protein synthesis  protein synthesis notes student version.pdf  Protein Synthesis Class Worksheet.pdf protein synthesis notes website.pdf  protein synthesis class worksheet answers.pdf Protein Synthesis Worksheet 2019.pdf  ecological footprint activity.pdf Protein Synthesis Worksheet answers 2019.pdf  
Dec 6  Explained Phos cycle notes and living world, Quest Friday      living world enriched worksheet 2019.pdf   living world enriched worksheet 2019 answers.pdf  
Dec 3  Did protein synthesis notes  protein synthesis notes student version.pdf   protein synthesis notes website.pdf      
Dec 2 Living world and Phosphorus notes Phosphorus notes student version.pdf living world enriched notes student version.pdf phosphorus cycle notes website.pdf  living world enriched notes website.pdf    
Nov 30 Di regular living world notes regular living world worksheet for enriched.pdf Regular Living World Notes for enriched website.pdf regular living world worksheet for enriched.pdf regular living world worksheet for enriched answers.pdf
Nov 23  Wrote quiz and did combustion notes. Test Friday.  Combustion notes student version.pdf   combustion notes 2018 website.pdf   Balance, neut and comb test review.pdf   balance, neut and comb review answers.pdf  
Nov 18  Do worksheets and neutralization notes. Balancing quiz Monday.   neutralization notes student version 2018.pdf   neutralization notes 2018 website.pdf   Particle Model and Balancing Worksheet 2.pdf   Balancing prequiz.pdf  Neutralization Worksheet.pdf Particle Model and Balancing Worksheet 2 answers.pdf   balancing prequiz answers.pdf  Neutralization Worksheet answers.pdf
Nov 16  Finished balancing notes. Quiz Monday Test next Friday,      Balancing equations worksheet 2013.pdf   balancing equations worksheet answers.pdf  
Nov 15  Did test and started notes to particle model  balancing equations notes student version.pdf   balancing equations notes website.pdf
particle model worksheet 2013.pdf   particle model worksheet answers.pdf  
Nov 12 Did pH lab. Test Monday        
Nov 9  Finished review. Test next Monday      Sol, ele and ph test review 2019.pdf
 Sol, ele and ph test review 2019 answers.pdf  
Nov 4  Electrolyte lab         
Nov 2  Wrote quiz and did pH worksheet and page 52 from review     ph worksheet 2018.pdf  Sol, ele and ph test review 2019.pdf pH worksheet answers.pdf  Sol, ele and ph test review 2019 answers.pdf
Nov 1 Do pre quiz and pH notes. Sol and ele quiz tomorrow. Ph notes student version 2020.pdf pH notes 2020 website.pdf Solutions Pre Quiz 2020.pdf  ph worksheet 2018.pdf Solutions Pre Quiz 2020 answers.pdf  pH worksheet answers.pdf
Oct 29  Electrolyte notes  Electrolyte notes student version 2018.pdf   electrolyte notes website.pdf   Electrolytes worksheet 2018.pdf   Electrolytes worksheet 2018 answers.pdf  
Oct 28  Solutions lab  Solutions lab 2021.pdf        
Oct 26 Finished solution notes and started worksheet Solutions notes student version 2018.pdf solution notes 2018 website.pdf solution worksheet 2018.pdf solution worksheet 2018 answers.pdf
Oct 21  Did review. Test tomorrow      Trend bond test review 2019.pdf   Trend bond test review 2019 answers.pdf  
Oct 19  Finished PI notes. Test Friday  Polyatomic Ions student version.pdf   polyatomic ionsnotes website.pdf   Polyatomic Worksheet.pdf  Trend bond test review 2019.pdf Polyatomic Worksheet answers.pdf  Trend bond test review 2019 answers.pdf
Oct 13  Did bond worksheet 4. Quiz on Monday      bond worksheet 4.pdf   bond worksheet 4 answers.pdf  
Oct 12  Did bond worksheet 3      Bond Worksheet 3.pdf  Bond worksheet 3 answers.pdf 
Oct 8  Wrote quiz and finished bond notes  Chemical Bonding notes student version.pdf   bonding notes 2020 website.pdf    
Oct 7 Do bond worksheet 1 and 2. Quiz tomorrow.     Bond Worksheet 1.pdf Bond Worksheet 2.pdf
bond worksheet 1 answers.pdf Bond worksheet 2 answers.pdf
Oct 5  Started bond notes. Quiz Thursday         
Oct 4 Finished half'-life notes. Quiz Thursday Half life notes student version.pdf Half life notes notes website.pdf Isotope, radiation and halflife worksheet 2019.pdf  radiatio, isotope and halflife ws answers.pdf
Oct 1  Did isotope notes and started half-life  Isotopes student version notes 2018.pdf   Isotope notes 2018 website.pdf      
Sept 30 Wrote quiz and did radiation and isotope notes. Isotopes student version notes 2018.pdf Radiation notes student version.pdf Radiation notes website.pdf Isotope notes 2018 website.pdf    
Sept 28   Finished trend worksheet. Quiz Thursday
      Trends worksheet 2019 answers.pdf  
Sept 27  Finished all trend notes. Quiz Thursday Trend notes student version.pdf   trend notes 2020 website.pdf   Trends Worksheet 2019.pdf   Trends worksheet 2019 answers.pdf  
Sept 23  Started enriched. Did simplified atomic model and started trends.  Atomic model enriched notes student version.pdf   atomic model enriched notes website.pdf   atomic model enriched worksheet.pdf   atomic model enriched worksheet answers.pdf  
Sept 21  Did metal lab together      Metals lab 2021.pdf    Metals lab 2021 answers.pdf
Sept 14  Reviewed quiz and had review period. Test Thursday      Atomic Model and Periodic Table Test Review.pdf   Atomic model and periodic table test review answers.pdf  
Sept 13 Wrote quiz and finished ion notes. Test Thursday. Periodic Table notes part 2 student version 2019.pdf periodic table notes part 2 website.pdf Periodic table worksheet 2.pdf periodic table worksheet 2 answers.pdf
Sept 10  Did prequiz and started PT 2 notes. Quiz Monday.      Periodic Table prequiz.pdf   Periodic Table prequiz answers.pdf  
Sept 9  Did periodic table worksheet      Period Table Worksheet 1.pdf
Periodic table worksheet 1 answers.pdf  
Sept 7  Finished PT notes part 1 Periodic Table Notes part 1 student version 2018.pdf   periodic table notes part 1 website.pdf      
Sept 3  Finished atomic model notes and started periodic table  Atomic Model student notes 2018.pdf   atomic model notes 2018 website.pdf   Atomic Model Worksheet.pdf   atomic model worksheet answers.pdf  
Sept 2  Went over rules, sign paper and started atomic model notes.Science and Technology Rules and Information.pdf    



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